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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hydrating Highlighting and Illuminating

The start of the colder weather and winter months does not need to mean the end to gorgeous glowing hydrated summer skin.
Start by keeping your skin well hydrated by adding a "hydration mist" to your daily routine. This product will hydrate, refresh and protect your skin and even assist in setting your makeup. My absolute favourite is Jurlique Rose Water Balancing Mist. The light rose scent is instantly calming. I use this before I do every single makeup and also on myself.

A favourite trick of mine - and many other makeup artists no doubt - is highlighting and mixing an illuminator in with your foundation. Keep your skin glowing by adding an illuminator to your face after you've moisturised and before you put your foundation on. This way it seems as though the glow is coming from within and not just sitting on top. I've recently discovered Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminator. this product is inexpensive and leaves such an amazing glow. It's light and easy to blend. Don't completely cover the face - just add to the areas where the face naturally will catch the light.
If you feel you need it you can add a highlight. Keep it subtle as you've already got the illuminator. Add the highlight once you've created your base by lightly patting again into the areas of your face that would naturally catch the light. The cheek bones, brow bones, bridge of the nose and I often add a teeny little one on the chin. Again I am stressing the point of keeping it subtle and pat it on so that it sinks into your skin and looks like it's naturally there. You want to be giving the impression of perfect skin - not "oh she's added a highlight there and there". My opinion is that you want someone to look and think how amazing your skin looks and not quite be able to work out how you have created it.

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